I found that in children in Asia do not seems to build up the habit of reading, which we can see Asian children have low reading rate than children from Western countries. As a teacher, I always encourage students to read, because I believe, reading can gain knowledge, practice pronunciation, improve comprehensive, and improve writing and speaking skills. 

Nowadays, reading no longer needed to hold a book or paper in hand. In this 21st century, reading becomes more convenient as we can read from electronic devices such as computer, mobile phone, tablets and so on, all we call is E-book. 

I found a very useful E-book website which provides free numerous of books for age between 3 to 11. Easy to access, nice graphics and clear story teller's voice. Let's check it out!

Click the link below:

I've chosen an interesting book about Neil Armstrong's "Man on the moon". 

What have you choose? Feel free to share to me, and don't hesitate to share to your friends and family. 
Happy reading!! 

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