Sunday, 4 November 2012

Holiday tips

Holiday is around the corner. Have you plan some activities with families, kids and friends? Personally think that holiday should have relax and rest for further journeys. However, doing some worthy activities or programs during long holiday is a good plan.

I have listed a few activities that I think we can do during my holiday:

  1. Participating intensive-sport training     Exercise is needed for those who used to stay in the house. Participating sport training not only beneficial for one health, it also cultivate strong personalities, such as self-motivation, courage, determination, tolerance, leadership and respect. As sport activities often involve groups of people and authorities such as coach, which will improve interpersonal relationships too. 
  2. Participating motivation camp              Often, for kids, camp is the best way to know new friends from different schools or places. Kids therefore can learn to be independent and self-control in earlier age of time, without parents' care of their daily activities such as washing clothes, meals intake and time management. 
  3. Participating volunteer program     Why not spending spare time for helping people who needed helps? Yes, indeed, volunteer program is a worthwhile activity. 
  4. Learn a new language (example: French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese)     As statistical shows, learn a new language can stimulate brain development, and evidences show that people who know more than 3 languages are having better brain development than people who know less than 3 languages. We are lucky, as a Malaysian, we basically can speak more than 2 languages (Bahasa Melayu and English); and even know more ethnics' languages - dialects. Malaysian Chinese know Chinese language, Malaysian Indian know Hindu language. Basically, Malaysia is known as a "language-dominant" country. I, personally, know more than 5 languages (Bahasa Melayu, English, Chinese, and two own dialects). 
  5. Learn an instrument (example: guitar, piano)     Music, best mechanism to express feeling and emotion. Learn a instrument can stimulate brain development as well. Besides, playing instrument can decrease stressful/depress, it can also build up self-esteem and confident.  

All these suggestion suit for everyone, kids, teenagers and adults. Feel free to share your plan of this 2012 holiday. Have a good holiday! 

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